Basic Menu


Grilled Chicken (All-time Favorite)

Fresh chicken breast grilled and topped with diced tomatoes and cilantro and herb infuse olive oil and lemon sauce.

Beef Enchiladas (New Item)

Delicious beef (or Cheese) enchiladas topped with pour homemade Mexican red sauce.

Acapulco chicken (New item)

Grilled chicken breast topped with light chipotle cream sauce and melted cheese.

Lemon Roasted chicken (Best of 2018)

Roasted chicken thighs and legs, marinated on olive oil, Dijon mustard, herbs, spices and lemon.

Lemon Roasted chicken (Best of 2018)

Roasted chicken thighs and legs, marinated on olive oil, Dijon mustard, herbs, spices and lemon.

The Classic Italian

Your choice of two: Homemade meatballs, meat sauce or Italian sausage topped over penne marinara.

Grilled Chicken Parmesan

Grilled chicken breast topped with classic marinara sauce and mixed parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

Herb Crusted Pork

Roasted herb crusted boneless pork tenderloin served with Madeira demi-glaze.

Fresco enchiladas (New Item)

Chicken enchiladas topped with our special Roasted jalapeno cream sauce and best Queso Fresco.

Blackened Chicken Fontina (New Item)

Slightly spicy Chicken breast topped with our special sherry Fontina cheese cream sauce (Similar to alfredo sauce)

Classic Menu

Ginger Roasted Chicken (New Item)

Chicken breast marinated with olive oil and herbs, topped with cilantro, tomato, ginger & roasted garlic Vinaigrette.

Chutney Pork Tenderloin (New Item)

Citrus Marinated Pork Tenderloin served with a Homemade Sweet & Spicy pineapple/mango chutney.

Chicken Marsala

Chicken breast topped with our special Marsala Sauce and mushrooms.

Mango Infused Brisket (Best 2018)

Angus beef brisket, marinated for 24 hours with our Mango infusion, slowly smoked to perfection, topped with our mango sweet and sour glaze.

Caribbean Grilled Chicken

Grilled citrus Marinated chicken breast, topped with diced pineapple, tomatoes onions and cilantro, with a pineapple and honey sauce.

Sweet Pork Tenderloin (New item)

Slowly roasted pork tenderloin topped with caramelized onion brown gravy.

Gourmet Chicken (All time favorite)

Prime Chicken breast topped with sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and spinach light cream sauce.

Bourguignon Pot Roasted

Roasted Beef with carrots and celery slowly cooked with a Burgundy Reduction.

Chicken Diane

Grilled Chicken breast slowly cooked with our delicious Diane Brandy cream sauce, with sautéed mushrooms and onions.

Southern Tilapia (New Item)

Lightly Blackened tilapia, pan seared served with light lemon cream sauce.

Chipotle Crust Pork Tenderloin (New item)

24 Hours marinated pork tenderloin with chipotle and spices, grilled and thin sliced, served with light sweet glaze.

Pesto Grilled Chicken (New Item)

Grilled pesto chicken breast topped with blended cheese and diced tomatoes.

Cancun Cordon Bleu

Chicken breast stuffed with smoked ham and jack cheese, baked and topped with Chipotle Cream Sauce and chives.

Beef stew (New Item)

Slowly cooked angus beef topped with roasted brown gravy.

Gourmet Pork Tenderloin

Roasted herb crusted boneless pork tenderloin topped with sundried tomatoes and spinach cream sauce.

Jack Daniels Brisket (New Item)

Angus Beef Brisket 24 hours marinated with bourbon and herbs, topped with traditional Jack Daniels Glaze.

Mongolian Beef (New Item)

Traditional Asian style beef sautéed with soy sauce, roasted garlic and green onions.

Chicken Jalapeno (New Item)

Chicken Breast topped with light jalapeno cream sauce and topped with Monterrey cheese.


Red Carne Asada (Best 0f 2017/2018)

Slowly cooked Angus beef, topped with our special Ranchero Sauce, topped with cilantro.

Sautéed Shrimp (New Item)

Shrimp sautéed with roasted garlic butter, served with white wine marinara sauce.

Chutney Pork Tenderloin

Grilled Chicken

Vegetarian Pancit

Vegetarian options


Pasta tubs filled with ricotta cheese, topped with our best pesto cream sauce.

Vegetarian Pancit

Traditional Filipino dish with rice noodles, assorted vegetables with traditional Filipino Flavors served with salad and bread.

Cheese Tortellini

Small pasta filled with ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, topped with roasted garlic sautéed broccoli and our special fontina sauce.

Veggie Lasagna (New Item)
Spinach and mushrooms, mozzarella and parmesan cheese with homemade Marinara sauce.

Vegan Option (G.F. as well) 

Vegetable Bowl
Sautéed Spinach, sundried tomatoes, Mushrooms and garlic, over a bed or roasted Potatoes.

Eggplant Marinara
Delicious eggplant, topped with homemade Marinara and fresh basil, served with Roasted garlic Broccoli.

Stir Veggies
Carrots, green beans, cabbage, and sweet corn, sautéed with spicy infuse olive oil and soy sauce.

Ultimate Menu

Top Sirloin

Grilled Flap Sirloin topped with the best sundried tomato chimichurri (herbs, red wine vinegar and olive oil).

Roasted Poblano Corn Steak (Best of 2018)

Best skirt Steak sliced, topped with our new Roasted poblano sweet corn cream sauce.

Stuffed Salmon (add 2pp)

Fresh salmon stuffed with homemade crab cake, topped with lemon white wine sauce.

Peach Bourbon Steak (New Item)

Angus Flap Steak grilled to perfection, topped with our new and unique caramelized Peach Bourbon glaze.

Diane Sirloin (All-time Favorite)

Grilled sirloin slowly cooked with our delicious Diane Brandy sauce, with sautéed mushrooms and onions.

Port Wine Sauce Sirloin

 Grilled Sirloin served with a homemade port wine sauce and mushrooms.

Salmon and Shrimp

Grilled salmon topped with sautéed shrimp in our greatest lemon butter white wine sauce.

Sliced Pepper steak (New Item)

Pepper & Herbs crusted steak, topped with Chirimol (lime/lemon radish Pico de Gallo).


Roasted Poblano Corn Steak

Smoked Brisket

Specialty Menus

Ultimate Mexican Menu

This menu will include Beef and Chicken Fajitas, topped with bell peppers, onions, bacon and cheese, served with one cheese enchilada with chipotle cream sauce, Mexican Rice, Refried beans, Avocado sauce, spicy salsa, rajitas, salsa & chips.


Ultimate Texan Barbeque

This menu will include choice of three meats (Smoked Brisket, Chopped pork, Chicken Breast or Smoked sausage) topped with our traditional BBQ Sauce served with Potato Salad, Smoked Gouda Mac and cheese, Texan Shiner Borracho Beans, Relish tray (Jalapenos, spicy BBQ sauce, pickles) and Texas Toast

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