Twice Baked Potatoes

Signature Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese ( All-time favorite) *G

Delicious creamy Smoked Gouda cheese Sauce, slowly melted over penne pasta, Selected as favorite for our customers

Roasted Green Chile Grits (New Item)

Slowly roasted jalapenos, cooked to perfection with our awesome grits.


Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

Made with fresh potatoes and real butter to make our best homemade  Garlic mashed potatoes.


Mexican Rice

Traditional rice with tomato paste to give it that unique red color

Cilantro Rice

Infused rice with fresh chopped cilantro cilantro.  Great and fresh flavor.

Fire Roasted green Beans & Corn (New item)

Steam fresh green beans topped with our roasted sweet corn.


Sweet Corn Rice (New item)

Traditional rice cooked with sweet corn for an Awesome color and flavor.


Parmesan Roasted Potatoes (Best 2016)

Homemade roasted potatoes topped with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

Texan Shiner Borracho Beans

Delicious beans cooked slowly with shiner beer, smoked bacon & sausage.


Red Roasted Potatoes

Classic American roasted red potatoes with rosemary and olive oil.

Mexican Poblano Potatoes (New Item)

Roasted poblano and onions cooked to perfection with awesome russet potatoes.


Mini steamed Carrots (New Item)

Best looking mini carrots, steamed and topped with light olive oil.


Twice Baked Potato

Tasty baked potatoes served with mix cheese, sour cream, butter and bacon


Refried Beans 

Delicious refried slow cooked pinto beans, seasoned with our awesome recipe.

Honey Citrus Almond Cole Slaw (New item)

American traditional Cole slaw with a great honey and citrus flavor and topped with almonds for extra crunch touch


Corn on the Cob (New item)

Fresh cut corn grilled and baked with light butter.


Mixed Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables, steamed and topped olive oil for rich flavor


Fried Plantains

Traditional Caribbean sweet plantains lightly fried and finished on the oven.


Green Beans Almondine ( All-time favorite)

Sautéed fresh green beans with olive oil and sliced almonds


Steam  Broccoli 

Steam broccoli cooked to perfection topped with roasted garlic infuse


Grilled Asparagus

Grilled Asparagus with simple seasoning roasted garlic and olive oil


PenneAlfredo *G

Italian favorite.  Creamy Alfredo sauce over penne pasta. 

Pasta Pomodoro *G

Penne pasta topped with our pomodoro sauce and fresh basil.

Southern Creamy Corn (New item)

Sweet corn cooked with bell peppers, parmesan cheese and cream, just delicious.

Caramelized green beans (New item)

Steam green beans topped with our unique caramelized onions.

Most items are vegetarians and gluten free except pastas(G=Gluten), vegetables are fresh and seasonal.

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